Musicians all over the globe are facing difficulties that have not been seen in decades. Individuals and institutions in the Performing Arts field, such as conservatoires, orchestras and concert venues, have been hit financially by the measures imposed to control the Covid-19 outbreak.

#PAGANINIMONDAY aims to raise vital funds for UK-based arts organisations. Your support might help keep a whole institution going, and as a result, the whole Industry. Needless to say, in times like these every little counts. Stay tuned and support the Arts!

#paganinimonday no.1 
royal northern college of music 
#pAGAninimonday no. 3
leeds college of music
#paganinimonday no. 5
royal academy of music
no. 2
Drake calleja trust
#paganinimonday no. 4
ulster orchestra
paganinimonday no. 6
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